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How To Rebuild Your Confidence
After Divorce or Breakup




I'm Sabrina

I'm a Confidence Coach dedicated to helping you rebuild your confidence after Divorce or Breakup. I'm quite passionate about my work because I share a similar journey to yours. After spending too much time researching, learning and finding ways to help myself, I found the amount of information out there to be quite overwhelming. So I created a very simple process that has allowed me to turn my rain into rainbow. My pain into purpose. My breakup into a life changing breakthrough. And I'm here to teach you how to do the no cost to you.


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Are you feeling lost, hopeless, and unmotivated after your breakup or divorce?

Taking a Break

Have you lost your confidence and self-esteem?

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Are you eager to move on but you feel stuck ruminating over what happened?

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Are you feeling resentment, regret, guilt and maybe anger for being in the position you are in now? 


Do you really want to take control of your life but don’t know how? 

If this is you, you don’t want to miss the previously sold-out Masterclass on How To Rebuild Your Confidence After Divorce or Breakup.

For the first time, I am offering it for FREE to give access to as many women around the world. 



On June 24 at 1 PM EST and in 60 minutes you will learn: 

  • How to identify the root cause of what’s holding you back from being confident

  • How to find yourself and move on after your breakup or divorce

  • Important daily routines that will change your life

  • Your primary and secondary values

  • Your boundaries and non-negotiables

  • How to set new exciting goals and how to achieve them

  • How to take full control of your life and create your own happiness

  • How to get your power back


Have your notepad, pen and your drink ready because we will do a few live exercises that will help you in your self-discovery and confidence.



"Sabrina gave me the simplest routines to implement in my life. They have become a part of my daily life. It changed my life. I'm looking good again. I have energy. I'm smiling. I'm laughing again. I'm not that grumpy mommy anymore. I'm not that grumpy daughter anymore. I'm not that person in the family that's always in a bad mood. I've changed."

FREE BONUS: 30 Mins of Live Q&A


This is a great opportunity for you to receive 1:1 live support from me for FREE.


 This Masterclass will not be recorded so you don’t want to miss all the exclusive information I will be sharing at no cost to you. 


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