About Me



The cocktail!


I am from a little bit of everywhere!

I was born in Virginia, U.S.A. to Eritrean parents. My family and I spent the first 12 years of my life in Qatar, then moved to Eritrea for a few short months before we fled a war which brought us back to Virginia where I attended high school and university.


I speak Tigrinya, Arabic and English fluently.   


The Journey! 


In my early 20’s, curious and hungry for adventure, I packed up and moved alone across the country to Los Angeles to embark on a new wild journey away from my comfort zone. A journey of independence and one that would allow me to get lost in order to find myself and my purpose in life.   


As if this wasn’t shocking enough for my conservative and traditional parents…


I became an actress in Hollywood!

A career that I believed would allow me to exercise my passion for the arts while providing me with a platform to use my voice. For reasons I am sure you will learn as you get to know me, I moved away from acting and started my own production company to direct and produce documentary films I am passionate about.     


The Development of ME!


During my 10 unforgettable years in Los Angeles:


  • I’ve acted in T.V. shows and commercials

  • Worked as a Brand Ambassador for big companies and brands

  • Launched a production company from which I directed and produced documentaries that made a global impact

  • Traveled on a world tour for the premiere of my biggest film

  • Started a charity organization that serves refugee camps in East Africa

  • Received a prestigious nomination and selection by the United Nations Refugee Agency, as their Honorary Representative and High Profile Supporter.    


But importantly than my career accomplishments:


  • I built valuable friendships around the world

  • Fulfilled my eagerness for adventure by traveling to 33 countries and counting

  • Made a lot of mistakes from which I learned

  • Tried various industries to find what I'm most passionate about

  • Failed numerous times through which I was led to success

  • Sought love in all the wrong places until I found self love

And now? I am a Confidence Coach helping men and women around the world rebuild their confidence especially after a breakup/divorce, which leaves so many people feeling hopeless and lost. Due to my personal journey, I am committed to helping others get their power, confidence and happiness back through a tailored plan that has completely transformed me and I know will transform you too. 

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Through my journey in life, my trials and errors, and the extensive knowledge I gained throughout my life, I will empower you, guide you, and teach you how to step out of your comfort zone confidently, courageously, and fearlessly, in order to become successful in your personal and professional goals without fear of failure and fear of judgement; the two fears that hold people back from their greatest potential.     


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