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Sabrina Aman

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Confidence Coach, Documentary Director, & Charity Founder.


Empowering people globally through coaching, shaking untold stories and humanitarianism. 

Imagine a future where your past relationship is not sabotaging your happiness?  


Imagine feeling free, hopeful, motivated and excited for a new beginning? 


Instead of shame, resentment, and anger, imagine feeling joy, peace, and a passion for your life? 


If this sounds like a far away dream to you, it's not. You can make it your reality like I did.


When I went through my divorce, I tried to self-help by doing everything the internet told me to do but it was overwhelming, so I stopped.


I needed a simple, organized, and easy step-by-step process to help me get back on track so I created this Heartache to High Value first and foremost for ME. 


When I saw how much my life had changed for the better, I launched the 12 week transformation program exclusively to private 1:1 clients.


Due to popular demand and for the first time ever, I am sharing the entire 12-week program and MORE with everyone who wants to learn how to recover, rebuild and renew after breakup or divorce without spending thousands of dollars.


Enroll in Heartache to High Value now and learn how to take control of your life by building a healthy relationship with yourself. You will learn how to rebuild your confidence after heartbreak by following the same exclusive 12-week framework that has changed my life and the lives of many women around the world. 


I will show you how to turn your pain into purpose, your emotional wounds into wisdom and your failures into success! The way I did.

If you would like private, customized, 1:1 support where I walk the transformation journey with you, book a Free 15 minute consultation with me. 

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