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Work 1:1 With Me 

You don't have to spend years trying to figure it out on your own and you don't have to make the mistakes I made.

If you've done therapy or self-help and you still feel lost, you've come to the right place


My approach doesn't dwell on the past.


We dissect your past and release it, so we can take you from where you are now to the person you want to become moving forward. 


Although Certified in: Life coaching, Confidence coaching, Life Purpose coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Relationship Psychology...


It is not my education that has transformed my life as well as the hundreds of women who are now thriving...


It's my personal life experience.


I have been married and divorced.


I know what failure feels like.

I know what feeling lost feels like.


I know what feeling afraid of starting again feels like.

But I have learned how to turn my failure into success.


I will teach you things you've never known before to help you re-create a lifestyle that will have your friends, family, and your future partner impressed


Who says you can't be in a healthy relationship and have a thriving career? If I did it, so can you. 


Let me show you the way.

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👇 Apply Here👇

IMPORTANT: After filling out the form, you'll be added to the waitlist because it's an exclusive program: 10-12 weeks of coaching tailored to you. I want to ensure your success, so the spots are limited.

Hint: the sooner you submit the form, the higher you'll be on the waitlist!

*Applications Currently Opened*

Breakup To Breakthrough Application

Once you submit the form and a spot gets available for you, I'll book a FREE 15-minute consultation with you. Don't worry, the "form-filling" won't take you ages :)

How much are you ready to invest to fix this problem? I can propose different options depending on your needs.
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