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Film Reels


Directed and Produced by Sabrina Aman

LINT Film Poster.png
Love is Not Tourism
         20 mins

Love is Not Tourism is about thousands of binational couples who had been separated during the pandemic due to global travel bans. Through our collective effort, influence and pressure, countries around the world opened their borders for couples to reunite, because Love is Not Tourism.

The Forgotten Documentary
                                 60 mins
The Forgotten General POSTER.jpg

The Forgotten documentary is about my and my father's risky undercover journey into the hostile, poverty-stricken Eritrean refugee camps in Eastern Sudan in an effort to shed light on refugees that have been left out of the media. We encountered many obstacles during our journey including my arrest for filming under the radar (captured on camera), but made it back in one piece with never-before-seen footage in order to share the heart wrenching stories of Eritrean refugees and to be one of the international voices for the Eritrean refugee crisis.

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