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I help women rebuild their confidence after life altering experiences such as divorce or break up, so they can heal, get their spark back and attract the right partner from a place of high self-worth instead of insecurity and void.

What is Everyone Saying?

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Ashley Darby

 Star of Real House Wives of Potomac, Washington, D.C.

You’re incredible Sabrina. You’ve helped me a lot with your words of inspiration and motivation to help me feel like myself again especially in this new season of my life. The impact you’ve made on my life is incredibly significant. Thank you!

Rehab Taha

Nutritionist and Physical Trainer, Belgium.

Sabrina gave me the simplest routines to implement in my life. They have become a part of my daily life. It changed my life. I’m looking good again. I have energy. I’m smiling. I’m laughing again. I’m not that grumpy mommy anymore. I’m not that grumpy daughter anymore. I’m not that person in the family that’s always in a bad mood. I’ve changed. Thanks to Sabrina.

Sonia Perez

Teacher, Chicago

The biggest blessing is having my family and my friends tell me “Sonia, you’re different. You act different. You speak different. What’s going on?”
And I attribute that to Sabrina.

Sheila Thomas

Nurse, Pennsylvania

If you are ever in a place where you felt lost and just dont know where to start, don’t know how to begin the process of self healing and self love to where you don’t need a man nor need validation from friends but you feel that you need a little guidance and you don’t have the right voices around you, I would suggest to work with Sabrina. She’s an amazing life coach. I wish Sabrina can be my friend forever. But she was here and she taught me the things that she needed to teach me. And I’m grateful for her.”

Learn the necessary inner work that will help you attract and sustain a healthy relationship.

Are you struggling to find your self-worth, feeling lost in your relationship, or grappling with the aftermath of a painful divorce or breakup? The frustration can be overwhelming, heart-wrenching, and even paralyzing. Not only do you have to navigate the emotional turmoil of ending a significant chapter in your life, but you also have to rebuild your confidence often from scratch.


Maybe you find yourself doubting your ability to love and be loved again, constantly battling feelings of loneliness or inadequacy like something is wrong with you.


Maybe you're facing financial insecurities or instability, adding another layer of stress and uncertainty to your life.


Maybe you're struggling with the fear of stepping into the dating world again, haunted by past experiences.


Or perhaps, amidst all these pain points, you're feeling a deep sense of loss - not just of a partner, but of your identity and purpose.

Regardless of these struggles and feelings, I want you to know that you're not alone. I am committed to guiding you through this transformative phase of your life. I offer a comprehensive 12-week program that specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by women post-divorce/breakup or in struggling relationships.

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of self-doubt, the loneliness that creeps in during quiet moments, and the fear that you might never find happiness again. With Sabrina Aman's coaching, you'll get the help you need to rediscover your self-worth, rebuild your confidence, and step into a life filled with purpose, passion, and the possibility of new love.


Empowering, transformative, & personalized

These are the core attributes of my coaching approach

I don't believe in a one-size-fits all solution for women. Every woman's situation is unique. Therefore her needs will be unique. My coaching is always centered on individual empowerment. My tailored method is uniquely designed to rebuild your confidence and sense of self-worth after life-altering experiences like divorce or breakup. This approach not only revitalizes your inner strength but also guides you towards attracting fulfilling relationships and rediscovering your life's purpose.

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More Testimonials

Delina Haileab

Student, Minnesota

Talking with you helped me realize that deep down in my heart, I knew which path I wanted to take and what was best for me. It was a matter of trusting that gut feeling. I truly would not have come to that realization if I hadn't spoken to you! The phrase "trust your gut" is such a cliche and therefore it's difficult to know what that truly entails, but you helped me figure out what that meant for me and my situation. You were an empathetic listener and during our conversationS you helped me put the thought I had into words, which made me feel validated. 


Marketing Director & Real Estate Investor, Texas

Sabrina helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life which was my divorce. With her routines and coaching she guided me to stop stressing out as much as I was before and really be strategic in order to get the outcome I wanted. I also gained more confidence, self-awareness, gratitude, knowledge and foresight throughout the process. I would recommend her for anyone who i s not just divorcing, but walking through any tough season!

Aaron Torres

Netflix Cinematographer, Hollywood, CA 

I have found you to be incredibly intuitive and a wonderful listener. You know how to break down problems and provide guidance in a non judgmental way. Your advice and coaching have not only led me to huge advances in my career but also to making better choices in my personal relationships. You are someone I can count on and that is worth everything. You're incredible! 

Eunice Adebiyi

Interior Designer, London

I cannot thank you enough for the effort and time taken to teach me the art of inward deep transitional change in my already hectic life. I wore so many hats that I had lost a part of me in the chaos. I now have a clear path to success which begins with me. I've never felt so confident and in control with what the future offers but more importantly being able to take control of the opportunities present. Your sessions have changed my life.

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